This is what I do.

I have been in web development since 2006. While 6 months industrial training in a small digital agency which was part of my curriculum for Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science, I made my mind to pursue my career in this area. And the decision was right.

Starting first 4 Years, I mostly did procedural coding in PHP and layout setup in HTML/CSS using Dreamweaver that time. During that course of time, I come to know about jQuery and by playing from small animations to complex ajax calls the jQuery takes the prominent place in my skill set permanently.

In 2011, I got the oppurtunity to work directly for a Singapore based social digital company named iNEO. And here the journey to become Full Stack Developer starts by working in multiple types of FB campaigns, Microsites using KOHANA (a MVC framework), jQuery (whole world knows this), GSAP (a cool library for animations) and managing our code using bitbucket and github. I followed one of my senior coding concepts and way to write the code and learnt much from that.

Write the simpler code than simple code

The summer of 2014 already starts and we got all acquired by Publicis Singapore and I am still working for them. So here way of thinking also become vast with its vast culture. And some popular technical resources coined like Bootstrap, Foundation, Material design, Bower, npm, Composer, Gulp, BrowserSync and my favorite Laravel.

These days I am working for a Digital Agency as Technical Consultant mostly convering Front End Development, Wordpress Site Development, Custom Nodejs Solutions, Shopify Websites, Email Marketing, CRM Solutions Provider.