The land I belongs to

Basic requirements must meet

Posted by Navdeep Singh on May 31, 2016

Recently, last week I got the third chance to visit Singapore again. The land of shopping, discipline, greenery, maintenance and all about money. Frankly, SG is good if have enough money in your pocket. It is much expensive country than my home land INDIA.

During my three days visit there, I met my old colleagues, friends and current colleagues. And undergone much experience by talking to them. Slowly I was getting the color of SG by indulging with various peeps and commuting through MRT there. Moreover spending four nights with one of my old company’s Singaporean colleague in a hotel is worth-full experience. He is such a geek and all time reading, taking notes, thinking, working, chatting. Its super fast life for them there and they need to be like this to keep up with the pace of country.

In IN here where I belongs to, when i came back, first 2 days i remain treating like Singaporean by talking and comparing little things with Singapore. That’s attitude was not matched with my land where I belongs to. So i rubbed off that color myself on 3rd day by remembering myself to where I am from and changed my attitude.

This is not excuse, but hard fact we have here basic requirements not solved, how we can think beyond the sea. Like Internet connectivity and speed, Power backup. In personal if i go, we have to take care of our family first then thinking big in job comes. But I try my best to handle both career and family in equal plate.

Just imagine for the persons who lived in foreign land about 10 years and then somehow came back to native land. It will be really hard for them to adjust here. My sympathy goes for them lol.

Lesson to myself, go anywhere in the world, just remember from where you belongs to. As at last you will go there back.